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Demo Centre Network

Demo Centre Network  is virtual Demo Centre for all physical Demo Centres in Tartu, Tallinn, Riga, St. Petersburg and Ventspils. The aim of Demo Centre Network is to gather different interesting and interactive exhibits reflecting technologies and products made in particular country. We have a lot to be proud of!


Demo Centre Network - Tartu.jpg

Tartu Demo Centre shows new and innovative applications and products that are already popular or deserve your attention in some other aspect. In addition, you can attend our events and seminars where both hardware and software developers have an opportunity to showcase themselves or their products. Often you can get here the first glimpse of products by hardware accelerator Buildit teams!



St. Petersburg Democenter has been launched as a unique platform for the permanent exhibition of the latest innovative IT solutions and products. St. Petersburg leading developers, city public authorities, educational institutions and SME’s and large enterprises in IT area represent their achievements at the up-to-date exposition of St. Petersburg Democenter. St. Petersburg Demo Center is designed as a well-considered combination of presentation zone and comfortable work spaces to organize various events.



e-Estonia Showroom purpose is to showcase the nation’s ICT solutions all in one facility, providing visitors with hands-on examples of what they are and how they work. Though it presents individual products, its main focus is offering integrated, holistic solutions. Showroom is a time machine where you can experience future. Since opening our first version of Showroom in 2009, the busy center has hosted everyone from presidents and ministers to CEOs and journalists – essentially anyone who wants a better understanding of the technology developed and used here.



Science and Technology Museum "Kurzeme Demo Centre" offers active, entertaining, educational and interesting adventure to children, young people and others that are interested in learning more about world of technology.