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Latvian IT Cluster

Latvian IT Cluster is a non-governmental organization initiating and leading the co-operation of Latvian IT industry, educational institutions and public sector institutions. The main priority of Latvian IT Cluster is seeking new co-operation and development opportunities for our member companies and institutions. Latvian IT Cluster has more than 10 year experience of implementation of different international projects. Comprehensive skills and experience, as well as good experience of cross-industrial and international projects, is the driver of Latvian IT Cluster

The members of Latvian IT Cluster are leading IT companies maintaining the competence and experience by developing IT solutions and applications for different public and business sectors. Close co-operation with universities and institutes results with engaged students for their practice and job opportunities. Public sector is the highly appreciated partner for organizing different large scale conferences and events. 

The vivid result of healthy and successful IT business environment is Riga IT Demo Centre.