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AB: Healthcare Solutions

AB (also known as Doctor’s Office) is a unified platform of information systems for hospitals, clinics and individual specialists that provides effective execution of all business processes required by any health care professional involved.

Because of HL7 standard support, AB is compatible with national e-Health and nearly all other external systems required, working as a link between all parties involved in the healthcare process. It’s a great utility to the specialist as it is to the patient, who both require a fast and reliable information exchange from the start to the end of the treatment process.

AB solutions are developed to optimize entire treatment process, from reception, to different procedures, to drugs prescriptions, to checkout. Using AB solutions results in low risk of human made errors and data loss, transparent work process and fluent patients and data flow.

By adjusting information systems to specific features of the work of health care institutions and individual specialists, four different “Doctor’s Office” types have been developed, leaving a chance to choose the one that is most appropriate for each field:

  • Doctor’s Office: Hospital
  • Doctor’s Office: Clinic
  • Doctor’s Office: Dent
  • Doctor’s Office: Practice

Each of these systems is easily adjustable and offer many useful additional functions.

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