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Emy: Information system for emergency services

Emy: information system for emergency services, first used by State Emergency Medical Service of Latvia. Emy works on a 24/7 regime and is accompanied by an application, called EmyTab, for Windows Tablets and Windows Phones.

In the market since 2012, covers 100% of Latvian emergency medical service market. It fits other emergency services too.

Benefits of using Emy:

  • Emy works in operative regime, 24/7;
  • Emy is able to control emergency flows on any scale – from small regions to whole country;
  • Reduction of time spent on report filling and work management;
  • Responsiveness and transparency of information display of work activities and manipulations on patients; 
  • Accessibility of information from anywhere in the country;
  • Completely electronic document flow;
  • Integration with hospital and other external information systems;
  • Integration with National e-Health system (HL7-communication ready);
  • Scalability and process flexibility;
  • Mobile tablet application for crews.

Running 24/7, handling more than 200 users at any given time and more than 1000 000 emergency calls each year in a single country, Emy is an invaluable companion in the everyday work of an emergency service department.

Emy is more than just a support system – it is a high profile companion in crises and rescue operations.




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