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eHealth Point

A unique mobile application developed for smartphones, and a homepage. Both of which allow to deal with a variety of health - related issues.

Call „113”

The application allows calling the emergency phone number 113, simultaneously transferring the location data of the caller (GPS coordinates) and the basic information on the caller that has been entered in the profile section to the dispatchers of the Emergency medical service.

In addition to that, application allows to:

  • see a map with all the emergency rooms and medical institutions nearby, their coordinates, and how to get there
  • sign – up to a doctor- specialist visit
  • make a call to your family doctor
  • make a call to consultative general practitioner

The application is freely available and can be downloaded to smartphones for free.

Homepage allows doing these things online:

  • sign – up to a doctor- specialist
  • make payments for the visit of doctor- specialist
  • contact the medical institution of one’s interest
  • to go over previous check – up results and prescriptions
  • save and overlook ones vaccination history
  • use the loyalty program offers if the medical institution offers them
  • to get information about the special offers for eHealthPoint clients
  • to get information about mobile application

Homepage functions that will soon be available on the mobile app as well, allowing to:

  • receive automatically generated reminders about doctor’s appointments
  • receive automatically generated reminders about the up - coming vaccinations


eHealthPoint mobile app and homepage have been developed in Meditec daughter – company- Medicloud.



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Target markets
Eastern Europe, Middle East, Central Asia

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Address: Graudu street 68, Riga, Latvia LV-1058


Phone: +371 67285256

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