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E-Police: solution for the state and municipal law enforcement institutions responsible for data recording, investigation and legal decision making regarding criminal and administrative offences.

Policing and crime prevention is one of the tasks carried out by different law enforcement specialists while being in public places, and through preventive checks on the road. With the mobile device a police officer can connect to a various public interest systems online and carry out the necessary checks of the relevant person, personal documents or vehicle:

Personal check:

  • In national register (wanted persons) or international registers (INTERPOL and Schengen IS) 
  • In national register for special accounting categories
  • For visual inspection compared to electronically available personal photo

Vehicle check:

  • In national register (vehicle in search) or international registers (INTERPOL and Schengen IS)
  • For technical passport validity
  • For compulsory civil liability insurance validity
  • For administrative penalty payment status 

Document check:

  • In national register for  invalid ID documents of person 
  • In national register for  driving license validity
  • In national register for  driver's medical certificate validity

Drawing up the protocol of administrative violations.


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