arrow_up icon arrow_up icon cube icon facebook icon scroll icon twitter icon youtube icon arrow link play play close close magnify and State information systems management integrator (VISS) and State information systems management integrator (VISS): portal provides Latvian residents the opportunity to receive electronic services of state and local government authorities. Portal user can login by his online banking data or the eID card and secure to communicate with the state or local governments. To each portal user is created a personal workspace, which remains the received electronic documents, executed e-services results, and the payment data received.

The main components of the solution are:

Latvian state portal of e-services

VISS as integration middleware that provides the main sharing functions:

  • The e-service integration with data sources (national registries)
  • Integrated security solution and a central entry point (Client Service Bus)
  • General e-government solution of users authentication 
  • Payment Module
  • Environment of e-service operation
  • Electronic Document Repository
  • The shared catalogs (XML schemas, WS, services descriptions, etc.)

Technical Portal for e-services developers. Content:

  • Common guidelines, standards and code examples for the e-service development
  • A forum for e-services developers
  • Accumulated and collected knowledge base
  • Access to shared resources


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