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k-AVI – Competence-based Training Management Framework

BDA has used 20 years of experience in providing training services to develop an approach in employee evaluation and development based on competences that is suitable for both private business and government institutions.

Competence is used as a building block that allows for solid measurement of the ability of employees to complete the tasks assigned to them. Competences are further divided in skill groups and separate skills which allows for greater precision and use of IT support systems for measurements. 


Target audience:

Private business, Government institutions. 


  • The approach is based on development of competence libraries and required competence profiles for all sorts of employees. 
  • The employees of interest are evaluated by using computerized tests and compared to the ideal employee in form of a competence profile. 
  • As a result competence gaps can be identified for each employee or groups of employees at a level of precision that is decided by the company. 
  • Based on the acquired competence gaps suggestions for individual development plans are made.


  • The competence approach provides the companies with a tool that gives them detailed information about what their employees know and what tasks they are likely to complete successfully. 
  • Provides suggestions regarding possible improvements for the employees that have not reached the ideal level of expertise for their position. 
  • Based on the suggestions customized and targeted development solutions can be prepared by using both traditional and modern technologies allowing considerable savings in time and training budget and improving the satisfaction of the employees and alignment of company goals and abilities of their employees.


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