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DEAC Cloud Services

DEAC has significantly enlarged its data storage and processing capacity to provide one of the most powerful virtual platforms available in Northern Europe. It allows customers to use DEAC cloud services without any additional investments in infrastructure or software. DEAC certified experts help to define customer's requirements and the process of service implementation.

Customers can build their Private, Public or Hybrid cloud remotely and in unlimited amounts.


Administrative management 

 High data

 The safest virtual platform in Northern Europe
Convenient management portal for easy administration of rented virtual power capacity   Guaranteed uptime delivery not lower than 99,95%, but in reality  enjoy 99,99%* Powerful HP brand hardware and VMware software in a single solution


Powerful HP servers and 3PAR storage system guarantees an unlimited capacity, while the Juniper protects customer’s data from external factors. Solution architecture is created in a close collaboration with VMware and equipped with the latest software complex vSphere, thus providing customers with a convenient and safe management of cloud resources.

DEAC Virtual resources provide:

Choose cloud server from BASIC configurations to suit standard requirements of availability or configure an individual virtual server at ENTERPRISE cloud calculator to ensure guaranteed data security. ENTERPRISE cloud servers available with suitable processor, memory (RAM), hard drive and operating system resources according to your specific needs and business development, as well as the most convenient method of payment.


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Target markets
Russia, CIS countries, Europe, USA

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