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Server and Equipment Colocation

Colocation as a service allows you to colocate IT infrastructure in the most frequently demanded metropolitan locations across Europe and Russia. Equipped with the best connectivity and geographical diversity, DEAC state of the art data centers provide monitoring and administration of equipment according to the business needs, as well as delivers appropriate infrastructure developed to the highest safety requirements.

DEAC’s colocation service includes full technical support and required network infrastructure. All devices contain all necessary setup: several independent electric channels, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) and diesel generators ensuring a continuous supply of electric power. As a result, customer gets maximum of computing resources by saving on maintenance costs.


Suitable for companies with a complex IT infrastructure who aim to colocate a large number of customer devices in dedicated racks compliant with high security requirements. The solution allows decreasing IT maintenance costs and expanding IT infrastructure easily and quickly, as well as ensuring continuity of processes up to 100%.

DEAC customer can define access policy to each dedicated rack, as well as determine appropriate administration and monitoring of equipment. The security level of racks can be increased with individual rack locks, video cameras and other security systems.

Use fast and convenient online calculator to choose size, power and internet connection of collocated equipment, than pick the most convenient method of payment.



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