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Dedicated Server Rental

DEAC provides an enterprise-class hardware to meet the most demanding uptime requirements ensuring your equipment is operating at peak performance giving you the most flexibility and control. We stock hundreds of physical servers and components for you to choose from budget, enterprise dedicated server, or other equipment available in some of the most frequently demanded metropolitan locations across Europe and Russia for the best connectivity and geographical diversity.

DEAC equipment rental is an optimal service for companies who aim to create their IT infrastructure in a secure data centers with a small single expenditure. This service saves money, as no additional capital investments are necessary to purchase the equipment and allows investing the savings in development of the company.


Maintain Full Control.

Network & Hardware Guarantee

Low Latency Network

Get full control with root administrative access. Install any programs or services you need and get control over users and access Your dedicated server comes with a standard 99.95% network uptime guarantee and 100% hardware warranty Dedicated servers at multiple data center locations are connected with 10Gbit premium Cisco network across Europe and Russia


The rented equipment is provided with everything that is necessary for an efficient operation: several independent electric channels, uninterruptible power supplies and diesel generators ensuring a continuous supply of electric power, several internet channels, as well as 24/7 technical support.

Choose from a range of equipment for rent, a variety of configurations and software available in DEAC data centers across Europe. Select data center managed options for your individual needs and get secure hosting from web sites to private clouds.  Select a pre-configured model, choose from stock or customize your server online to benefit from fast setup, no minimum contract term and hardware-failure replacement guarantee.



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