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Tilde Virtual Conversational Agents

Tilde creates virtual assistants for mobile devices, integrating language technologies and artificial intelligence with 3D facial animation. Our human-like virtual character Laura is available in two apps: “Laura” and “Laura Riga Guide”.

The “Laura” application features an intelligent virtual conversational agent that can chat with users and answer questions. Laura can respond in English to different questions and tell about the weather, location and the distance between cities. She can also provide information about places, people, geography and many other topics. Laura is able to translate phrases and sentences from English to Spanish, Russian and French languages. Moreover, Laura smiles, winks and lights up with emotions during the conversation.

“Laura Riga guide” is designed as a virtual assistant to the city of Riga. She will not only engage in conversation but will also help you find where to eat, what to see and what to do in Riga. 



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Target markets
USA, European Union, China, Japan (20+ countries)

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Address: Vienibas gatve 75a, Riga, Latvia, LV - 1004

Contact person: Toms Žunna


Phone: +371 29331511

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