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Program "Smart Medical" for healthcare institutions

SmartMedical – software that simplifies Latvian doctor’s daily work. It enables patients’ data, provides appointment making and management, billing information and data exchange with the National Health Service and insurers in Latvia. The program is created for doctors and physician practices, outpatient institutions, dental clinics and hospitals. More than 100 Latvian health institutions and doctors’ practises have rated benefits of SmartMedical software.

Purpose – healthcare services accessibility and process modernization in healthcare institutions.

SmartMedical functionality:

  • appointment making and management
  • e-booking system
  • specialists’ working time determination
  • patients’ database creation and maintenance
  • medical record keeping
  • tools for communication with patients
  • patient’s account
  • SMS sending tool
  • bill and invoice preparation
  • fiscal and non-fiscal settlements
  • data exchange with insurance companies and Health Settlement Centre, medical facility’s branches and units
  • health insurance policy’s processing (including e-policies)
  • generation of reports (internal, financial etc.)
  • system’s section for dental clinics
  • system’s section for day hospital
  • system’s section for health commissions and mandatory health examinations
  • laboratory referrals
  • internal information exchange among system users
  • etc.  



  • improvement of working process and speeding up client service
  • transparent push-button billing to insurance companies and the National Health Service
  • more attention of medical staff devoted to health care needs than to administrative work
  • availability of all necessary information in one place from anywhere via Internet connection
  • fast and secured transaction processing, circulation of documents in real time
  • effective medical, billing and administrative part of the system
  • reduction of administrative costs
  • resource and time saving


Some references from customers:

Aiga Olšteina, Reception Manager of „Health centre 4” (Latvia): 

“The system is simple, easy to learn and use. It has user friendly interface. Working with various insurance companies, now we have effective solution for mutual transactions.”


Didzis Āzens, CEO of  “Clinic of the Ministry of the Interior” (Latvia):

“Our clinic cooperates with SmartMedical since 2010. During our cooperation we have been provided with electronization of different administrative processes that helped to simplify the provision of  services for our specialists and to improve the quality of our services for patients.”


Deployment methods

  • web-technology based solution;
  • “Software–as-a-Service” business model 
  • on premises
  • integrated with public e-booking website for patients

Project timeframe: 2008 till now.


About program:


Clinic of Ministry of the Interior – success story:


 Riga 1. hospital – success story:


Health centre 4 – success story:


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