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Website "" - website, where patients can independently and remotely sign up for medical services in Latvian healthcare centres, to the most suitable time in chosen doctor’s working calendar.

Purpose – healthcare services accessibility and process modernization in healthcare institutions. Modern booking management tool for patients and doctors.


How it works?

Only 3 steps to make e-appointment to doctor:

  • registration on site
  • choose doctor in on-line catalogue and time open for e-booking in doctor’s calendar
  • fill the form of your appointment and approve it

Details about your appointment will be sent automatically to doctor’s calendar in his program. You will receive e-mail with confirmation about appointment or information about changes from doctor.


Others features for patients:

  • load your appointment in your Google calendar
  • print details about your appointment
  • create your own doctor TOP list for faster e-booking
  • add relatives to your profile and make appointments for them too
  • cancel your appointments by yourself.

E-services are also available on mobile devices.


No phone calls. No waiting.

Control and manage booking process remotely and independently by yourself. Save your time.


Website is integrated with SmartMedical program for doctors. Features for healthcare institutions, creating on-line visiting card for clinic or health centres and doctors:

  • to inform wider audience about clinic, doctors and their services (every day number of website users is growing)
  • to attract new patients
  • to provide patients with modern booking service and easy-to-use tool
  • to save time, resources and costs


Deployment methods

  • Web-technology based solution;
  • Free of charge for patients;
  • integrated with SmartMedical system for easy-to-use and fast e-booking management

Project timeframe: 2013 till now.


How to sign up?


How to cancel your visit?


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    Diezgan bēdīgs skats. Medicīnas iestādei, kuru neizdevās sazvanīt, bija norādīta saite uz Notērēju labu pusstundu, bet nevarēju atrast pat pašu medicīnas iestādi. Man, kā pacientam, tek prasītas lietas, kuras es nezinu un nevaru zināt. Līdz ar to jāsecina, ka produkts ir ... teiksim, ar ierobežotas pielietojamības iespējām ...

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Blue Bridge Technologies
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