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Digital Library Search Solution

The aim of the Latvian National Digital Library is to digitize the collections of the LNB and sources of partner organizations by making them accessible to readers on the Internet.

Client: National Library of Latvia (LNB) 

A powerful search engine provides readers with a one-stop search service for all the library’s and its partners' resources, resources (bibliographic resources, full-text databases, digital collections, the Latvian Web archive), unified access to all the Library resources (including resources of different formats, different level of detail and stored in different systems),  receiving information from previously collected, structured and indexed information storage, as well as services such as personalization and requesting electronic materials.

Business results:

  • Digitized LNB cultural and scientific collections are digitally accessible;
  • Centralized access point to all LNB digital resources;
  • User authentication and personalization allows users to receive notifications of the availability of content they have been requested.



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