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Solutions for national heritage preservation

JSC RIX Technologies has developed several solutions for the preservation of national heritage stored in Latvian museums, archives and other cultural institutions. The information systems are daily used by the employees of the state archive, museums, and culture institutions as well as by persons who are interested in Latvian culture and history.

Museum information management system

Museum information management system gives the possibility to every museum to digitalize its exhibits and add information about them in a joint catalogue available on the internet. System provides digital work environment for the employees of the museums, which allows performing daily duties (item description, restauration, documentation, digitalization of content, exhibition creation, e.c.) in a safe, digital environment, thus helping to ensure the preservation of cultural heritage. 

Data about the museums, collections, collection items are available to the society via the web portal thus ensuring the digital culture content availability to the society. 

Currently there are more than 800 000 digitized museum items in the system which is 4 times more than available in the museum exhibition halls.

Unified state archive information system

Unified State Archives Information System makes the information resources of national archives available to the public, as well as ensures the realization of the basic functions of archive. 

The system consists of Public portal, digital work environment for the employees of archives and institutional portal.

Digital map of culture

Culture Map of Latvia includes the most diverse information about the cultural processes and institutions of Latvian regions – their location, type of activity, personnel, contacts, infrastructure and planned development. 

It is the first digital database of such kind in the Baltic States, which comprises such voluminous information and gives every Internet user the opportunity to receive information about the type of activity, working hours and location of any culture institution in Latvia. Collected information creates an opportunity to evaluate existing cultural situation in each region, to adopt decisions regarding development priorities and future fields of activities.

The system contains information of more than 10 000 objects in 22 sectors and 15548 images.

Mobile application OpenEthnoLV 

OpenEthnoLV is an application of Latvian Ethnographic Open air museum. By using this application you can virtually visit each object of the museum and view photos of each object, read the description of the object which includes the basic facts as well as the place of origin and location on the map of the museum. You can listen to the audio information about the object. If using the map, you can see the locations of the object as well as the way to the closest and desirable exhibit item in the territory of the museum.







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