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Document and record management system in Office 365

It enables companies to maintain single workspace for document creation, registration, processing and storage in compliance with internal regulations and state regulations. System is designed to be deployed on Office 365 platform, but can also be set up as on-premise application on a local company server. It is easily accessible from any location with an internet connection.

Main features of this system are:

Quick and easy use:

  • upload or easy “drag and drop” of new documents;
  • generation of standard documents using document templates;
  • links between related documents;
  • flexible document classification scheme.

Document flow automation:

  • predefined and customizable document processing and approval workflows;
  • delegation of document processing assignments;
  • assignment progress control;
  • auto-numbering for specific document types.

Data quality, security and confidentiality:

  • user activity audit log;
  • role-based access rights management;
  • document retention and archiving policies.

Comprehensive search capabilities:

  • document search using various criteria;
  • refining of search results;
  • full-text search ready.

Effective collaboration:

  • simultaneous document editing by more than one user;
  • document versioning support.

Electronic signature support:

  • signing documents online, by connecting to a certified service provider’s server; 
  • verification of an e-signature and timestamp validity.

System can be easily integrated with other organization information assets, i.e., accounting software, customer relationship management, ERP and other systems and applications, thus achieving high data quality and prevention of data entry duplication.


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