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Lattelecom Technology provides one of the world leading solutions — SAP that comprises business applications (ERP, CRM, SRM, HCM, etc.), database and engineering solutions, analytical solutions, cloud solutions and mobile solutions. SAP business solutions, by integrating the best business management practice from all over the world, have been updated for almost forty years.

The solution has proved to be indispensable in various industries: it is used by more than 48,000 customers globally, including major corporations such as BMW, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, Nokia, Procter&Gamble.

Since 1996, Lattelecom Technology has been cooperating with SAP AG, a global leader in developing integrated business solutions.

Lattelecom Technology has received the SAP Partner status in the following categories:

  • SAP Services Partner;
  • Partner Edge Partner;
  • PCOE Certified Partner.

The Lattelecom Technology was awarded an SAP Partner quality certification in 2014, in the SAP Quality Awards competition.

The advantages offered by Lattelecom Technology include the unique SAP project experience in all three Baltic countries providing the inside-out knowledge of laws and business environment and, in individual cases, also a good command of requirements of specific industries (in the public sector: the information system of state budget and the Treasury, in the private sector: logistics of oil product transport)



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Lattelecom Technology

Lattelecom Technology
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