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Hosted Collaboration Solution

The Lattelecom Cloud Communications solution is cloud-based combined services of communication solutions powered by Cisco-hosted communications solution platform or HCS (Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution).

Cloud technologies provide companies with more advanced communications facilities, improve adaptation of business to the market situation and lowers the service maintenance costs.

As a part of the above solutions, Lattelecom provides:

  • IP telephony services;
  • audio, video and web conferencing;
  • video communications;
  • communication software applications;
  • contact center functionality;
  • interactive voice response services;
  • human resources management software;
  • call recording;
  • desktop recording;
  • centralized administration features.

 The services are exported mainly to the Baltics and Russia.



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Lattelecom Technology

Lattelecom Technology
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Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine

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