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Connect, Latvia!

Latvia is in one of the fastest ageing countries in Europe. State institutions have declared that people in pre-retirement age are at the greatest risk of unemployment and poverty. But access to the digital world has turned out to be the key to society’s integration.

Free computer literacy courses Connect, Latvia are the ambitious social initiative carried out by Latvia’s largest telecommunications company Lattelecom, where annually several thousand seniors aged 50+ have been taught computer literacy skills. Connect, Latvia! was established to reduce the digital divide – the barriers to information and communication technologies --, which creates the threat that particular segments of society might be excluded from information flow, socialising and employment opportunities.

During the first six years the project has created a new start for more than 25,000 seniors.

Lattelecom has created a unique learning system where IT teachers from Latvian schools have been involved in the project on a voluntary basis, and resources of local government and regional school premises and equipment have been used. Thus the project has become as an excellent example of private-public partnership.

Originally it was planned that by the Republic of Latvia’s 100th anniversary in 2018 Lattelecom would teach least 30,000 seniors.



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