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Mobile application - Art Museum

The cooperation between the Latvian leading information and communications technology company Lattelecom and the Art Museum Rīgas Birža has resulted in a unique, first of its kind in the Baltics mobile application that can be used to enjoy 100 masterpieces from the museum's collection virtually.

The purpose of this application is to bring the values of Latvian and global art closer to the public, particularly young people, arouse their interest in art history and motivate them to visit the museum to see other valuable collections of art works.  

The key task of the museum is to preserve the unique historical evidence, as well as display and present it to the wider public. New technologies are no deterrent or impediment to historical evidence, but rather an invaluable tool to assist with the preservation and distribution of information, promote the understanding of art and develop taste. Technology cannot replace the aura peculiar to the museum, however, it provides an opportunity to make people interested in visiting the museum.



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