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Riga - the European capital of WiFi

Riga became the European capital of WiFi in 2014. This claim is based on these calculations - the number of WiFi access points per one square kilometer and the number of residents in the city.

There is an average of one Lattelecom free-WiFi internet access point for every 750 residents and three WiFi points per one square kilometer. In comparison, Tallinn has an average of one public free wireless internet access point for every 1,263 residents and two per each square kilometer. In terms of the development of free WiFi, the next European cities after Riga and Tallinn are Stockholm, Vienna, Paris, and Helsinki. 
Overall, Lattelecom has opened more than 4,000 free WiFi points throughout Latvia, including 21 hospitals, 165 educational institutions, Riga's Central Market, Latvia's largest city squares, parks, and other open-air sites. 


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