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The Reader

The “Reader” project, part of the “Staro Rīga 2014” Festival of Light, demonstrates what is going on in the human brain while reading.

Projecting Our Imagination Onto Buildings with Fractal Reading

Innovation laboratory Connection Codes projects festivalgoers' thoughts onto the Latvian National Museum of Art exhibition hall. Implementing high-tech brain frequency readers, registered neural impulses of festival participants being read a book were reconstructed into visual abstractions and projected onto the façade of the Latvian National Museum of Art exhibition hall.

The interactive performance allowed for no more than one partaker at a time, while the rest of the festival participants witnessed the interactive performance of the ‘brain transformed fractals’ from up close.

Utilizing electroencephalography (or EEG for short), the recording of electrical activity along the scalp measured by voltage fluctuations resulting from ionic current within the brain’s neurons, coupled with a good old fashioned book, human thought and machine interpretation were able to co-create a beautiful abstract display.

With respect to rights to the thought visualizations, a filmed headshot occupied the epicenter of the piece, becoming part of the art itself. To generate excitement, a countdown instillation before every routine marked the commencement into a new mental delving. 


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