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Catchbox is the world’s first throwable microphone for audience engagement. Designed to be thrown from one participant to another, the device works great in lectures, meetings and conferences, where passing a regular stick­microphone is slow and cumbersome.

Meeting hosts, lecturers and public speakers often face a common problem: how to engage their audience? Catchbox solves this problem by making a microphone throw­able. The Catchbox is a combination of innovative product design and supreme audio technology. To avoid​unwanted sounds that might occur when throwing or dropping a mic, the inner electronic circuit continuously senses the motion of the device to temporarily switch off the audio when the Catchbox is caught, thrown,or dropped.

With its soft outer shape, playful appearance, and intuitive user interface, the Catchbox is the ideal ice breaker, creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere in situations where those characteristics are seldomly seen.

Company was established in Finland, R&D and production is done in Latvia.



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