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Cloud-Based Payments Platform

MeaWallet Cloud-Based Payments Platform is based on the standards from EMVCo, MasterCard (MCBP), and Visa (VCP) that supports both in-store and e-commerce payment transaction over global payment networks using a mobile device.

The solution design of MeaWallet Cloud-Based Payments Platform is built to support other schemes as well, be it national or international schemes and for both contactless and remote payment.

Partnering with us allows you to payment enable existing apps or wallets or use the white-labeled wallet from MeaWallet as reference guide for your own mobile service. The solution consists of all necessary components handling security, digitization of cards, card life-time management, and MeaWallet Business Components consisting of ready-to-use APIs and SDKs for fast and easy integration in existing apps and backend systems. 


MeaWallet Cloud-Based Payments Platform supports different payment use cases:

  • In-store – using NFC contactless communication (NFC capable Smartphone and NFC supported POS terminal). Even supports payments when mobile device is offline, for example for purchases on-board of airplanes. 
  • Online – paying at m- and e-commerce sites.
  • InApp – pay seamlessly for tickets, gaming etc. in mobile apps.
  • Vending – pay with mobile at vending machines or gas pumps using NFC, BLE or QR-codes. 



For Issuer/Bank

  • Contactless payment following global payment schemes
  • Additional support for local or closed loop schemes can be configured
  • No change in the clearing and settlement of a transaction
  • As safe as chip cards/EMV cards, with greater user convenience and less friction
  • Mobile card give brand exposure and a new marketing online channel to card holders

For Merchant

  • No need for new hardware, use existing NFC enabled EFTPOS
  • No new contracts to be signed, same as terms as for contactless cards
  • No liability shift, less fraud, could even be better terms for online payment

For User

  • Payment-enable several mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones
  • Convenient, easy and fast to use, secure, equal contactless card on usage
  • Use mobile for payment across borders


Contact us:

Address: Ropazu Street 10, Riga, LV-1039

Contact: Māris Čakste

Position: Country Manager Latvia


Phone: +371 29882741

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Contact us

Address: Ropazu Street 10, Riga, LV-1039

Contact person: Māris Čakste


Phone: +371 29882741

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