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E-klase is the most commonly used online student management system in Latvia. E-klase is used by over 90% of the Latvian educational institutions. It is based on a voluntary, open to cooperation and self-financing principles. The system was established to ensure the efficient exchange of information between all parties involved, thereby enhancing the quality of the education process.

The main objectives:

  • To offer students a more convenient way to keep track of their grades, homework, and other school-related information;
  • To inform parents about the students learning progress and to communicate freely with teachers;
  • To simplify the work for teachers with the preparations of various reports.

E-klase has become the leading school management system in the Baltic region exceeding 400 000 total registered users and 250 000 daily users. For teachers, E-klase means less paper work, and a faster, more efficient way of communicating with students, parents and colleagues. For parents and students, E-klase helps keep track of the student’s performance at school by showing the students their grades, various reports and other information from the school. 

E-klase technological capabilities enable not only the ease of communication, but also the documentation of the process, as well as data analyses. In addition, the administrative processes are optimized, which means that the access to information for governments and public educational institutions is facilitated.


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