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Medical diagnostics data archive

Diagnostic data archive, both for patients and medical institutions, including Radiology, ECG (Electro-Cardiography), Laboratory, and many more digital medical images, tests and documents. Consolidates all available patients’ digital medical information.

Can be deployed in a single clinic, group of clinics, region, or country-wide.

Clinicians, specialists, family doctors, and even patients can have access to digital radiology images, reports, ECG tests, Laboratory test results via one interface on any PC connected to the Internet, using a secure logon, or national authentication tools.

This is economic, fast and effective solution compared to film printed, CD-written image store and access, test results email sending, or paper printed document delivery.

DM Archive system is a scalable platform where all the diagnostic data is consolidated from various diagnostics devices, solutions and even various medical institutions in case this involves group of service providers.


  • Anywhere access;
  • DICOM image, ECG or document viewers;
  • Results Entry, Reporting, Second opinion;
  • Examination forwarding, simple workflow;
  • Results printout, e-mailing, CD, password;
  • Access control;
  • Patient, Primary care access;
  • Integration to HIS, eHealth systems.

Medical institutions can securely consolidate and archive their patients’ medical data and enable specialists and clinicians access to the data in a user friendly information system environment. Emergency access to examination any data within minimum time

Patients are able to access their medical information in one WEB portal, and provide it to their primary care, family doctors, and have control and overview of their diagnostic data.


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