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Vertical Wind Tunnel Customer Management and Video System

Wind tunnels recreate the experience of flying without the help of wings or other devices solely by means of a vertical stream of air. The wind tunnels are used both for professional paratrooper training as well as entertainment.

Our task was to develop a solution that would automate the customer service process, starting from booking a flight and paying for it via a website, to delivering the flight video to the customer's email account.



A solution was created to ensure a minute-by-minute booking process when purchasing a flight on the internet. The management of customer flow before the flight is no less important - it includes customer registration, signing a health and safety release, providing the customer with the right size helmet and costume, warming up, and ensuring that the flight begins on time. These operations are carried out by a receptionist, using a customer management system provided with a touch-sensitive interface. 

The number of customers at popular wind tunnels can reach up to 300 people a day and the system even managed customer flow at the Latvian pavilion at Expo 2010 in Shanghai for up to 10,000 people a day.



The touchscreen interface controls the speed of the air stream and duration of the flight, while taking photos and transmitting signals to the fliers that appear on a display inside the tunnel. Interface is also integrated with the tunnel's engines and sensors.



A solution was developed that would automatically deliver client videos and photos to their email accounts after the flight. The solution included two built-in HD cameras and infrared sensors that detect the person’s position in the tunnel. Based on the data from the infrared sensors, the system automatically edits the material filmed by the two HD cameras, as well as supplements it with intro and background music in real time. A few minutes after the flight, the customer receives a link to the video and photo material in their email account.

In 2010 solution was awarded with Latvian ICT prize "Platinum Mouse".

The system was built on request by Aerodium Technologies, a global leader in building open wind tunnels and performing flying shows. The system has been introduced in wind tunnels in Denmark, Finland and Latvia, with other countries, such as China and Bahrain, to follow.


Aerodium Video Capturing System from on Vimeo.



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