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Program "Smart Medical" for insurance companies

Software SmartMedical for insurance companies – provides fast and easy electronic data exchange with healthcare institutions.


  • development of the new, complex, insurance programs and policy rules
  • reduction of the policy processing related costs and losses due to frauds and mistakes using process automation
  • automation and speeding-up data exchange and billing process with healthcare institution.



Main objectives for the project:

  • ability to grow business developing and being able to handle new insurance products
  • automatic application of most complicated coverage rules
  • reduction of fraud and data manipulation, and personnel mistakes
  • reduction in claim processing costs:


  1. no cost for data entry (all data received in electronic format)
  2. radically reduced number of cases requiring expert decision
  3. transparent billing from healthcare institution.



Currently SmartMedical system processes insurance policies and operates with transaction data from all Latvian insurance companies. Seesam, Balta, BTA, Ergo, IF P&C Insurance, Compensa Vienna Insurance Group are using SmartMedical services to manage insurance products and maintain connection with healthcare institutions.


Some references from customers:

Aigars Freimanis, Member of the Board of Directors - POHJOLA GROUP, Insurance company “SEESAM” (Latvia):


„Using SmartMedical we can easy and quickly adopt to trends of health insurance business by creating new and flexible products precisely matching our customers’ needs and requirements. Automatization of claims processing and reduction of costs with SmartMedical helps us to manage administrative processes effectively.”


Linda Juhna, Claims Administration Manager - RSA GROUP, Insurance company “BALTA” (Latvia):

“Using SmartMedical system we are certain about quick and correct billing, as well as assured of a modern and comfortable customer service for our clients.”


Deployment methods

  • web-technology based solution;
  • “in the cloud” at 
  • on premises

Project timeframe: 2008 till now.


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