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Everybody knows Moses – the man who separated the sea by only moving his hands. Our team is ready to give you the same power!


Interactive fountain solution MOSES allows You to interact with the fountains by just moving Your hands to regulate the water flow and colours of lights. It senses your hands and fingers and follows their every gesture. MOSES is aplicable to any interactive fountain which operates on DMX standard. Key advantage of MOSES solution vs kinect solutions is that there can be lot of people around the sensor while one visitor is using it.



Internet of every thing defines development of todays services, entertainments, habits. Interactive solutions is already must have today. All over the world smart cities developing more and more. Since Romain times fountains have been one of the main visual witnesses of city wellness and development. Interactive fountain solution MOSES gives visual manifest of innovations to the city and more fun to the citizens. One way creative businesses will achieve better engagement is through gamification. Whether it be in the form of electronic games, or traditional games, the idea is to make activities fun and engaging.

Let’s face it, would you rather do something fun, or boring?



First project will be opened on May 1st 2016 in Riga. “The New Riga Fountain” project received its financial support under the auspices of the “New Riga” programme. The objective of the “New Riga” programme is to facilitate the regeneration of the City of Riga, the development of new construction projects of public significance and the installation of their adjacent grounds, giving the public the chance to live in a safe and orderly environment.

ABLV Charitable Foundation was founded in 2006 by ABLV Bank shareholders Ernests Bernis and Oļegs Fiļs, in order to put their core values into practice in real life and support the responsibility of entrepreneurs towards society and the environment. The Foundation functions as ABLV Bank’s main partner in the realm of charitable activity, supporting creative people and outstanding organisations that invest their efforts and knowledge, in order to achieve universally important goals – to create a united, abundant and safe society.

Our team is open for cooperation with smart city developers, architects, innovators, event producers and all creative people who wants to bring joy in to the everyday arena.


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Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Italy, Germany, Russia

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