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Hosting services, Wordpress hosting, VPS, Dedicated servers and Cloud services

Our services in the sense of quality/price rate are possibly the best on the Latvian and the Baltics. Our servers are based on highly reliable fault tolerant system under OS Linux and special licensed software control that ensures smooth functioning.

Our team has also developed the second phase of modernization of their databases servers and now they are equipped with world-class technology. This tehnologies are used by companies as Google and Facebook. We have these powerful drives that are even faster than SSD drives and now they are available to all our customers.


99.9% Uptime guarantee

Our system team provides Your websites continuous operation in the case of 99.9%.


15 years of experience

Modern servers and the latest technology guarantee the safety and protection of the page. As we have been active for 15 years, we have more than 5,000 loyal customers.


Money return

We will help to find best feature for You, but if you are unsatisfied with the quality of our services, we will provide a 15-day money return guarantee.


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Target markets
Latvia, Europe, Russia, USA

Contact us

Contact person: Deniss Māzers


Phone: +371 25 980 444

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