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Mobile inventory

Fast solutions for asset and product management on mobile device! Can be integrated with any ERP system and is developed for companies of various sectors – manufacturing, wholesale, warehouse, etc.

The function makes it possible to quickly carry out the inventory process of fixed assets and products in a single environment on mobile device – to scan a barcode without any additional device, to control the balance and quantity, to add a precise information on the condition of a fixed asset or product. When performing the inventory on a mobile device, the recorded information is automatically displayed on the web page; as a result, it is possible to follow the inventory process. Then – after the work is completed – export the list to an Excel or Txt file for further checking and processing of the data.

Advantages of mobile inventory:

  • It facilitates and automates the day-to-day work processes carried out by employees. No paper forms are required
  • Possibility to scan barcodes, reducing the risk of incorrect data entry by 99%
  • Monitoring of quantities and balances allows you to control the amount of goods, preventing formation of surplus stocks by 20 – 30 %
  • The inventory process of fixed assets and products can be performed by anyone after a 10-min training
  • The inventory list is automatically sent to the web and is available immediately after the inventory is completed.
  • Fast processing of requests and data exchange, it works 24/7

Process of the Mobile Inventory:

The inventory process is carried out on a web page and with an application installed on a mobile device with the Android operating system.

  • An employee creates a session on the web page and prepares an inventory list that is automatically sent to e-mail.
  • In order to start the inventory process in the application, the employee activates the session with the ID or QR code sent to e-mail.
  • The mobile device is used to scan barcodes located on the items to be inventoried, and to record quantities, as well as to add notes about their condition.
  • The inventory results are automatically sent to the web page.
  • The employee exports the list to an Excel or txt file for further processing of the data.

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Deployment methods:

  • Can be integrated with any with enterprise resource management systems
  • “Software–as-a-Service” business model



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